Flexible PCB Fabrication

A flex PCB or flex circuit is a patterned arrangement of printed components and circuitry that makes use of flexible based materials with or without a flexible coverlay. The components used for rigid PCBs can also be used for electronic assembly and flexible PCB fabrication.

A flexible PCB can be used in a variety of applications:

Most of the time, they are used along with complex and advanced components. In fact, flexible PCBs are widely used in daily electronics and technology. They are prominently used in desktop printers, portable electronics and devices, and hard disk drivers. They are also extensively used in other industries and applications such as communications, transportation, consumer electronics, military, automotive, aerospace, medical, and industrial.

Flexible PCB Fabrication

In transportation, flexible PCBs are favored because of their resistance against movement and vibrations. Their light weight and flexibility allows them to absorb vibration and reduce its impact to the solder joints in its connections. Flex PCBs can also be used with materials designed to operate in harsh environments. They can be built with waterproof, shock proof, moisture proof, and corrosion resistant materials.

The advantages of flexible PCB fabrication are countless. Servers and mobile phones, regardless of use and size, are designed to be efficient, flexible, and lightweight using flex PCBs. The most prominent advantage of flex PCBs is flexibility. Their elastic nature allows placement around folds and edges. They also require very little or no wiring, making them less prone to failure and more reliable.

In addition, flex PCBs allow for weight and space savings for up to sixty percent. They can even reach as many as two hundred thousand bending cycles since they no longer require the use of connectors in 3D designs. They have thin inner layers as well as heavy copper layers. The thin copper layers are flexible while the heavy copper layers are ideal for high power usage.

Nevertheless, you should also be aware of the disadvantage of flex PCBs:

FlexiblePCBFabricationFor instance, flex PCBs are more expensive than rigid flex PCBs. They have low temperature threshold and can be quite difficult to assemble. They can also be damaged easily if not handled with care. They are actually prone to denting and bending. They are also prone to scratching. Once damaged, flex PCBs can no longer be repaired. Hence, it is crucial that they are stored in sulfur free plastic in order for them to stay in good shape.

If you are in search of a complex Multilayer Flexible PCB or double-sided flex circuit, you should choose a manufacturer that can provide you with the necessary expertise, capabilities, and guidance so you can turn your concept into reality. There are a lot of manufacturers involved in PCB fabrication that can provide you with heavy copper flex circuits which you can also couple with flexible thin copper layers for handing heavy power currents. Go for a manufacturer that builds heavy copper boards that have flex portions, so you can control any voltage additions.

In electronic applications, Multilayer Flex Boards are used for better speed performance. However, using these boards also cause flexibility loss. Hence, it may be more ideal to use double-sided or single-sided multilayer flex PCBs. These boards may be used for complex and unique layouts. They are actually much better than FR4 boards since they have a higher combination possibility.

Multilayer flex PCBs are similar to multilayer FR4 boards in the way that they can both be designed using buried and blind vias. Both of them can also use PTH or plated through holes. You should choose a manufacturer that pushes the limits on their PCB fabrication technology. For instance, you should go for a manufacturer that uses very fine one mil traces.

How to Apply Iron On Patches

Iron PatchesIf you want to display the logos of some of your favorite sports teams on your jacket sleeve or simply show off some of the skills that you have learned in summer camp through your backpack, iron on patches may be considered as a great way to help show your individuality. They can also be extremely useful to help you hide torn or damaged spots on your accessories or clothes. For this article, you will learn some of the basic procedures on how you can apply your iron on patch to a chosen clothing or accessory.

First, you need to figure out the types of patch that you currently have on hand.

Some patches come with cloth backing or glue on the back part. You need to take a good look at your patch and eventually decide if you need additional materials to make it stick to your desired surface.

Check out the fabric of your accessory or clothing where you intend to attach the iron on patches.

Usually, cotton and denim are considered as best bases for an iron on patch. As a rule of thumb, your chosen fabric should be just as heavy as the patch that you wish to place on it.

Check out the fabric care label so you can see if this can be ironed. If you do not see any indication of the ironing restrictions, you have to figure out the material that it is made of. Usually, you can find this on the same label.

In working with polyester fabric, you have to exercise caution because application of high heat needed for iron on patches can burn your fabric or can cause discoloration. Also, delicate fabrics like silk should not be used with these types of patches because you can damage their surfaces even if you attempt to apply relatively low heat intensity levels.

You also have to think about placement and design.

Before you decide to heat up your iron, you have to lay out the backpack, sash, jacket, shirt, or pants and decide the exact spot where you want to place the iron on patch.

For the first part of the ironing proper, lay the base fabric on a flat and heat resistant surface.

For this step, an ironing board is extremely helpful. However, if you do not have one, you may also go for other stable and flat items like a sturdy table lined with a thick blanket.

Place the iron on patches on your preferred position.


You should place the adhesive side flat against your base fabric. Make sure that the patch and the base fabric are not crooked. The following are the locations of the adhesive side of the patches:

  • Embroidered: underside
  • Transfer paper: side where you can find the image
  • Fusible webbing: backing against the fabric
  • Patches that blend in with fabric: applied on reverse side of clothing


As soon as you have decided where the patch should be placed, you have to heat up your iron.

Turn this to the highest setting that your fabric can possibly tolerate. You have to make sure that you have turned off the steam option. Also, you should make sure that is not full of water. Otherwise, you may experience an unsuccessful transfer of the patch. In some cases, this can ruin both your clothing and your patch.

Place a thin fabric over your patch.

Preferably, you have to go for a thin towel. This will help protect the surrounding fabric and the iron on patch. Make sure that the position of the patch will not be disturbed.

Place the iron over the patch and press down.

You have to hold this position for around 15 seconds. Apply just enough pressure on the surface.

Taylormade Golf Products and Services are the Best

golf-productsTaylormade golf products are considered the best when it comes to golf clubs, balls, and other accessories. To date, they are the largest-selling and most trusted golf brand in the world with annual sales of over 1 billion dollars since 2006.

Taylormade is legendarily known for launching the very first golf driver that is made of metal in 1979. Since then, the company has been focusing on research, innovation, and manufacturing technologically-advanced, top-of-the-line products. Couple that with their strong and experienced management team and wise use of risks and opportunities,Taylormade golf is hands down the leader in the golf equipment market today.Up till now, their metal woods (which are the most in-demand and expensive golf club in a set) are the first choice of top professional golfers in the world.

In 2004, they reached another huge milestone by pioneering the “Movable Weight Technology.”

This latest advancement gives a golfer the capacity to modify his club’s weight by using transportable weighted screws, thus changing the flight qualities the club will create.

As mentioned above, Taylormade golf started its business in 1979 when they pioneered the lofted metal wood driver. It was an incredible innovation back then, and the only product they sold. Everything started when a guy named Gary Adams loaned $24,000 to establish the company made of only three employees.

The company is initially solely owned until 1984 when the Salomon Group bought it. The Salomon Group is also a sports equipment company that specializes in innovation, so the acquisition has become very advantageous to both groups. With Salomon’s resources and Taylormade’s innovation, sales gradually went higher.

Their biggest opportunity came when Adidas, the German multinational corporation and number one rival of Nike, acquired the company in 1997. With Adidas, Taylormade continued to improve by leaps and bounds, and officially produced the top golf driver in 2005.

The following year, in 2006, the company surpassed the billion dollar profit record and has consistently done so since then, making them only the second company in history to pull it off in the golf equipment industry.

taylormade-golfIn 2009, they created another club that is the first of its kind by introducing the “Flight Control Technology” with their R9 driver. This golf driver provides golfers the ability to adjust loft, lie, and face angle by altering the angle of the club’s head in relation to the shaft. This is another groundbreaking design that further cemented Taylormade’s status in the market.

Their product line includes a wide array of golf drivers, fairways, rescues, irons, wedges, putters, balls, and other golf accessories such as clothes, bags, gloves, hats and caps, umbrellas, and wellness wristbands.

At present, Taylormade is also known to provide professional tour golfers with tour vans. Tour vans are extremely large (15 feet wide by 42 feet long) custom trucks that have Taylormade staff who assist pro golfers in making necessary adjustments to their clubs and other equipment before the start of each PGA tour.

Tour van employees also build personalized golf clubs for their professional clients. These clubs are not available in the company’s retail stores, both online and offline, although some are being sold in eBay for twice its original price.

The weight of being the best golf equipment brand seems to not take a toll on Taylormade golf. The company continues to impose its dominance by consistently delivering its promise of innovative products and excellent service to its customers. No one knows for sure how long they are going to sit on the throne. One thing is certain though: whatever happens in the future, Taylormade’s place in history as one of the most innovative golf companies that ever existed is already secured.

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Guidelines When Choosing a Keynote Speaker

If you find it difficult to find a reliable keynote speaker in your area, you can always search online. However, be aware of the essential guidelines before hiring a speaker for your next corporate event or conference. This will help you ensure that everything is properly handled and that positive results will be drawn after the event. Check out the following tips to guide you when looking for a trustworthy speaker that can deliver quality speech presentations.

Generally, organizing an event is exhausting and stressful. Thanks to the convenient accessibility of the internet and cooperative staff, the process is made much simpler. Apart from finding the perfect venue, you also need to get the best speaker to highlight your conference. Don’t worry much because with enough preparation, rest assured that your event will be memorable to all attendees.

Achieving Company Goals in an Innovative Way

Companies love to explore new ways to motivate their employees. So when it comes to conferences, they usually hire the humorous yet professional speaker to provide an engaging presentation in front of the audience. The keynote speech doesn’t necessarily need to be formal. In fact, company owners and organizers prefer an active discussion to ensure that everyone participates and learns.

Keynote Speaker

Employees tend to get bored from similar work routine every day. This is why you need to provide entertaining workshops and conferences to keep them engaged. With the help of highly skilled speakers, rest assured that you can get what you exactly need in the business. Work with a qualified keynote speaker today and understand why more and more companies are hiring speakers every time they hold an event.

Tips in Finding the Most Ideal Keynote Speaker

  • Consider your budget – who says budget is not important when making decisions? Without knowledge in how much you can spend for your event, you cannot completely commit with anyone. So the first thing you should do is to determine your available budget and know how to get the right speaker.
  • Visualize audience expectations – before anything else, do you know how much your audience expect from you? Well, everyone knows how important it is to meet people’s expectations and how hard it is to deal with disappointments. So to avoid any frustrations, you need to determine your listeners’ hopes and needs to effectively organize the event.
  • Reflect on the value of engagement and entertainment – there are various presenter types in the world. And you are tasked to choose the right one to speak in your conference or corporate event. It’s only right to evaluate how a person delivers speech in front of a crowd. That way, you will know if they are what you’ve been looking for. Are they entertaining and engaging enough? If so, your search is over.

Keynote Speakers

When it comes to speaker’s experience, it will be a great help if the one you will be hiring is a well experienced keynote speaker. At the end of the day, it is the audience experience that really matters. If they are not satisfied and weren’t able to learn something, then you and your speaker has failed. In fact, how an audience reacts is a chain reaction that the presenters need to consider. You will see smiling faces if they are happy with your performance and bored faces if they don’t get what you are saying on stage.

Types of Keynote Speakers

  • Professional speakers – they are the ones with public speaking as their main job. Professional speakers are usually hired to educate, motivate, inspire, encourage, and provide informative content to the attendees.
  • Motivational speakers – the positive speakers that provide get-up-and-go attitude to listeners. They are the people who encourage employees and managers to become more productive in their roles.
  • Inspirational speakers – these are the lucky individuals who have experienced the greatest difficulties in life and yet were able to succeed in their chosen endeavors.
  • Educational speakers – also known as content speakers who speak to audiences with specific topics. They are educational, exciting and informative that’s why listeners get something out of their detailed presentation.
  • Celebrity speakers – obviously, these are well-known personalities in the industry who came from successful businesses, professional sports, or politics.

Know what you really need and the right speaker will come. You can search the internet for potential choices, but it’s always better to personally talk to them before hiring the right candidate.

The Fundamentals of Using an Employee Engagement Survey Effectively

downloadThe term employee engagement is a relatively new one.

Presently, it is defined as an employee’s full commitment to and pride in his organization. Engaged employees are more inclined todownload (1) give back to their organization and go the extra mile. They are not just there to work 9-5 days, but are more likely to voluntarily promote their organization’s products and services, advance positive company image and protect its reputation, as well as provide exceptional customer service.


downloadEmployee engagement is a two-way street;

employees that feel taken care of return the same level of respect, regard and concern to their employers.Now how exactly does an organization ensure that employee engagement is at a healthy level? Employers now know it is a must to have in the workplace, so how do they make sure they are doing all the right things to cultivate it? The answer to that is simple yet also complicated: develop an employee engagement survey. Using surveys at work may not be a new one and seems rather straightforward to use at first glance, but surveys can in fact be very powerful if used correctly. Below are some of the fundamentals for effectively using this survey. download (3)

Just like other surveys, an employee engagement survey must have a target audience. In this case, this survey can examine engagement levels of the organization as a whole, or can be targeted at smaller units such as departments, regional teams, or even different levels of the organizational hierarchy.

Employers may observe that one group could use more attention than the others, and survey results could tell them just who exactly needs it the most.When it comes to content, an employee engagement survey is broken down into sections that represent areas that an organization wants to look to into. Generally speaking, since employee engagement is all about the mutually beneficial relationship employees have with their organization, survey questions usually revolve around asking them how they feel about current company practices, how positively they view their employer, and how well they see themselves fitting in the organization.

downloadHere are a few examples of statements employers typically include:
  • My personal goals align with the company’s mission and vision.
  • My employers recognize my contributions and see the value I add,see myself building a solid career path in this company in the years to come.
  • My skills are put to good use.
  • I would encourage people I know to join this company.


images (1)There is no template for or a “one size fits all” approach towards making questions. Every organization has its own priorities and areas of concern so the process of coming up with one is highly individualized.

Aside from pre-survey steps such as deciding on a target audience and finalizing content, post-survey actions such as effectively using results are just as crucial. Although the primary purpose is to generate research,


downloadResults are just as important to employees;

employers forget that employees are just as interested to know how they did. To communicate results effectively, employers must first realize that results cannot be kept secret. An employee engagement survey is for sbtet-results - Copythe benefit of employees, after all. Failing to let them know what was gained from the process can be tantamount saying nothing much was found, and nothing much will be done about it. Secondly, results be conveyed in a timely manner. Delays may make employees feel that there was little to no sense of urgency in acting on results. Lastly, along with results, plans of action stating how weak points will be addressed and how best practices will be maintained must be included.

After 25 years or so later,download (4) Human Resource experts have come a long way in refining the concept of employee engagement. It is definitely still is a work in progress, although they know these things for sure: employee engagement has become an integral part of business strategy, has sure returns on investment, and must be paid attention to if an organization wants to find itself in the top tiers of the corporate jungle. Using an employee engagement survey to keep tabs on how much engagement is fostered or inhibited is one sure way for employers to get to where they want to be.